What’s the cost of owning a home?

Estimate and compare the monthly cost of owning a home using advanced data regressions of the American Housing Survey, Building Performance Database, and Residential Energy Consumption Survey

See How Much You'll Spend Each Month

Use the tool for every house you're considering to compare long-term costs and make the best decision on which home to buy

PITI: Mortgage, taxes and insurance


We calculate the Principal and Interest of your mortgage, as well as Taxes and Insurance, based on the financial and location information you put into the tool.



The age, size, and location of your home impacts how much you'll pay to maintain it. We use data from the American Housing Survey to estimate how much you'll spend on repairing things like roofing, heating, and appliances.

Energy Bills


Using data from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey and the Building Performance Database, we estimate how much you'll spend on energy.

Monthly Cost of Owning a Home

Monthly Costs

Get an accurate estimate of the monthly cost of owning a home including mortgage, taxes, insurance, energy and maintenance costs.

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Ekotrope: we're a software company leveraging NASA-developed technology to measure the energy performance of new and used homes

We developed this tool to help homebuyers understand the true cost of owning a house so they can make an informed real estate investment decision. Our algorithm uses accredited reports and US Census survey data widely recognized for its accuracy.



Ekotrope leverages NASA developed and patented technology



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